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Driver's license

  The foreigner has the right to drive in Brazil for up to 180 days using his valid driver's license from the country of origin, accompanied by a passport or document proving the data of entry into the country. After 180 days in Brazil, you need to use a Brazilian CNH (driver's license). This can be done with your protocol number for your RNE application.  Abeint is here to help you. We will accompany you personally in all stages. We have translators and other professionals who can take the burden off your shoulders. Call us today !!

CPF(National Electronic Registry)

On the international scene, Brazil presents itself as an emerging power. Some see the "tropical country" as the perfect opportunity to realize their personal and professional dreams. Living in Brazil however, requires registration in the National Register of Individuals (CPF), at least for those who intend to reside for a significant period. The CPF is your gateway to everything that is financial. In a few days and we can have your CPF produced. 

Business Investment Visa

An investment visa allows a foreigner to live and work permanently in Brazil. Through the investment visa, you can open your own business in Brazil, buy a property or even buy shares of an existing company. The minimum investment amount is 500,000 reais. Call us for a free consultation.

Family Visa

Visa based on having a Brazilian child. Family reunion or common law.

Most do not know that through marriage, family reunion or even having a Brazilian child, the family member can obtain Permanent Residency. Some processes are faster than others and each situation is unique. One size doesn't fit everyone when it comes to immigration. Abeint has a team of Professionals who can assist you along the way. We can facilitate all processes in a professional and timely manner. Click the "chat"  at the bottom.of this page to speak directly to Abram.

Real Estate Investment PR (Permanent Residence)

Permanent Residence


If you are a Temporary Resident currently residing in Brazil, please contact us today! There are a few options for you to cement yourself here. Call or chat today!!

Religious Visa

The RELIGIOUS VISA offers an extended stay for missionaries and ministers. Easy, affordable and fairly quick. 

Consultation Services

Abeint Consultoria Services is a leading company advising Foreigners in and to Brazil! We provide individualized and unique services to each client. No matter what the situation or request, don't hesitate to call. There are more legal ways to meet your needs than most know. Accounting, financial, real estate, legal services, among others. We do this and more with our network of expert advisors and legal professionals who bring a diverse professional insight to each case.

We will be happy to help you in this new stage of your life.