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Abeint offers advice and comprehensive services to obtain the most diverse types of Visas for Foreigners who wish to reside, work, invest, or study in Brazil. Legal and business advice, purchase of real estate. We can help build your business from scratch, ensuring that all regulations are met. We also assist in opening bank accounts for foreigners, in setting up CPF, National Driver's License (CNH) and we also offer extra services, such as Notary, Translations and Personal Orders.

Living in Brazil is an adventure. Many people from all over the world are attracted to the country for several reasons. From its breathtaking beaches to its beautiful mountains and lush farms, Brazil has a lot to offer. There are many cultures within the country. Each area has something different to offer. Beautiful green land, lots of hiking and fishing for tourists too. Brazil is known as a strong emerging economy and its military power is great. Since President Jair Bolsonaro took office, many changes have taken place for good. The world seems to be changing, freedoms seem to be erodeding and the security of the family and the self is being threatened in many countries that were once beacons of freedom and life. Many people are choosing to make Brazil their new home. The attraction for many is that home schooling is allowed, self-defense is encouraged and the right to own weapons is legally being motivated. Freedom of religion, and the right to live life as you see fit are encouraged. With the current exchange rate and low inflation rate, many are choosing to invest in Brazil.

There is much more that could be said. With proper study and guidance, our hope is that you will find your dream come true in Brazil !!